Try products for free !

At Fame House, we are looking for 100 new members to join our micro-influencer agency. You will be able to test many products for free while getting paid when you promote them in your stories.

You will receive products every month and you will be paid to test them and share them on one of your social networks.

You will also be able to participate in events organized by our team and our partners. 

We work with major brands in clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, beauty, and skincare.

1. Receive FREE products every month

You will be able to choose among several products every month to order for free according to your preferences. You will find brands of clothing, sports, jewelry, cosmetics, beauty, and care corresponding as much to men, as to women. 

2. Get paid to test these products

You will be able to share these products in your story on social networks to be paid.

You can also be invited to participate in events organized by these brands.

A personal promo code will also be given to you by all the brands in order to share it on your social networks.

3. Vouchers and discounts

Take advantage of many exclusive vouchers ranging from 50$ to 100$ valid in many stores.

4. Training

With your membership, receive comprehensive training on social media management to make impactful stories for your community.