How does it work?

In our agency, our goal is to help you become a great influencer. You’ll get paid partnerships, and benefit from the advice of a personal agent to help you grow your audience. You will be able to test products every month and get paid when you share them in your story.

Step 1: Apply on our website

Start by applying on our website in a few clicks. We will analyze your application and one of our agents will contact you if it has been selected. The adventure will then begin for you.

Step 2: Your personal agent

As soon as you sign up, you will get an access to your dashboard where you will find your paid partnerships with brands, but also links to order your free products. You will be able to show them to your community. You will also have their private contact to write directly to them.

Step 3: The adventure begins!

Take advantage of all your benefits and develop your audience according to our advice. You will start getting paid through the contracts your agent will find for you. Stay motivated, and you will reach your goals soon.