On this page, you will find the different partners who have decided to work with you.

Thanks to your agent, you will get coupon codes, vouchers but also paid collaborations with these brands.

Some brands may decide to send you products for free in order to promote them.

Prestige Smile

This store has developed a new generation of teeth whitening kit allowing to obtain fast results.



Prestige Smile is looking for ambassadors for their brand. They offer you a FREE product, vouchers, a personal discount code with the possibility of being paid and the chance to be reposted on their account.

How to proceed?

If you are interested in this collaboration, simply apply for their ambassador program via the link below. You can also order your free product with the second button.

Commission : 20%
Payments : Every 30 days
Promotional code : 40% off

Real-time statistics monitoring.

Use your personal promotional code : 1QF4B8BN831Q